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Tonight’s live Crazy Time show, with hosts who have charisma and focus, features a fascinating spin on the Dream Catcher wheel of fortune. You just need to make a bet before the wheel starts to spin and take a chance, because it’s your chance to succeed! Additionally Crazy Time is a popular game show around the world, created for classic casino fans. The center of the game is a wheel with 54 cells. Each cell represents a multiplier that determines the increase in your bet when you win. Your task is to predict in which sector the wheel will stop. You need to place your bet before the presenter starts the wheel.

Crazy Time Game Overview and Description

Crazy Time is a live dealer game created by Evolution Gaming, which operates on the same principle as other live dealer games. In this game, a host spins a large wheel, and the player must place a bet within a certain time frame before the wheel starts spinning. Therefore, the wheel serves as the main game device, accompanied by a small drum known as the Top Slot. The Top Slot also spins alongside the main wheel and features 10 multipliers (numbers+bonus) that can enhance the player’s winnings if the sector they have bet on matches the winning sector on the reel.

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What a player needs to know about Crazy Time

In the game Crazy Time, the main goal of the player is to guess the sector on which the game wheel will stop. Similarly players place their bets and interact with the croupier and each other in a dedicated chat room. All financial transactions are automated and software-controlled, ensuring the elimination of any possibility of fraud and the human factor. Playing Crazy Time at online casinos is an opportunity to test your luck and have fun with gambling entertainment.

Specifics of the game Crazy Time online

Live game Crazy Time has its own characteristics:

  • The main Dream Catcher wheel consists of 54 cells, each of which has a multiplier (1, 2, 5 or 10), by which the winning bet is multiplied.
  • In addition to the cells on the wheel there are bonus games: four Coin Flip, two Cash Hunt, two Pachinko and one Crazy Time.
  • Each phase of the game starts with a rotation of the main wheel and a small video reel (Top Slot), which also has multipliers, but only for one random cell.
  • The game features dealers broadcasting the game online from the studio, as well as a chat room for communication between the players and the dealer.

  • The financial part of the game is automated and controlled by software. It is important to bid at the allotted time for them to be accepted.
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Cектор колесаЧисло секторовВыплата
one card211 к 1
two-card132 к 1
five card75 к 1
ten card410 к 1
coin flip4ДО Х25000
cash hunt2ДО Х25000
pachinko2ДО Х25000
crazy time1ДО Х25000

In the game Crazy Time Evolution player’s bet is paid depending on the sector on which the game wheel will stop.

  • If sector 1, which occupies 21 cells on the reel, falls out, the bet will be paid at a rate of 1 to 1.
  • The second sector, which occupies 13 cells, pays a bet of 2 to 1.
  • The fifth sector occupies 7 cells and increases the bet by 5 to 1.
  • The tenth sector occupies only 4 cells, but can increase the bet by 10 to 1.

In addition, bonus games can have a multiplier of up to 25,000. This is incredibly rare and a huge win for the player. Play Crazy Time Evolution and enjoy your winnings!

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How to play crazy time in online casinos

To start playing Crazy Time online casino, the first step is to choose a casino that offers this game. After that, you have to wait for the game to start and bet on the numbers or bonus games. Consequently if a number appears on the reel, the bet is paid according to the odds.

Bonus games from live casino crazy time

How about the bonus games in the Crazy Time game from Live Casino, which can bring huge winnings? Let’s take a closer look at these epic bonus games!

Although theoretically bonus games should fall out 16% of the time, in practice it may be different, since the dealer can spin the wheel in different directions.

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Crazy time bonus games: overview

So, on the Crazy Time game wheel there are nine bonus games:

  • 4 Coin Flip
  • 2 Cash Hunt
  • 2 Pachinko
  • 1 Crazy Time bonus game

Usually Coin Flip falls out more often than others, but crazy time statistics can occasionally disprove this theory. However, the biggest prize can be obtained if the drum stops on the bonus game Crazy Time – this is the “big score.

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The first game, called “Coin Flip,” is a drum with 4 cells. When you stop on the “Coin Flip” slot, the dealer triggers a special “coin” with red and blue sides, each of which has its own coefficient that determines the payout. Moreover betting on the game “Coin Flip” can vary depending on the casino and the specific round.

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Cash Hunt

The third game, Cash Hunt, resembles a shooting gallery with 108 possible odds. Similarly the player chooses a target where he thinks a higher multiplier is hidden and shoots at it. The multipliers are then revealed, and each player gets a multiplier according to where he shot.

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The second game, “Pachinko,” is a large wall with circles where the payout odds are located at the bottom. The dealer launches a ball, which falls on the odds by bouncing off obstacles. The maximum winnings in the game “Pachinko” in “Crazy Time” depends on the multipliers that are caught during the game.

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Crazy Time

When the bonus game Crazy Time, the player finds himself in a separate room where there is a money wheel with different payout ratios. Meanwhile the player must choose the color of one of the three marks located at the top of the drum: green, blue or orange. Consequently if the mark hits “Double” or “Triple”, the multiplier is doubled or tripled, and the dealer spins the wheel with double x2 or triple x3 odds. Additionally the maximum multiplier in the Crazy Time game is 25,000.

Where to play Crazy Time

We strongly recommend playing Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming only at online casinos with a license and avoid questionable sites. Moreover playing at a licensed online casino will give you a true Crazy Time experience, enjoying maximum quality and using all available features, bonuses and offers.

To get the best possible quality of the game and a guarantee of fair payout winnings, we recommend to go to the official website of the game Crazy Time and choose a casino that provides the latest version of the game and ensures the safety of your bets.

Consequently click the button below to start playing a fair online game in real time.

Where to play Crazy Time

How to start playing Crazy Time
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How to start playing – Registration in the game Crazy Time

In order to start playing Crazy Time, you need to choose a licensed online crazy time casino from our list of suggestions and go to its official website. After that, follow these steps:

  • Зарегистрируйтесь на сайте казино и подтвердите свою учетную запись.
  • Refill your game account using the available payment methods.
  • Find the Crazy Time game on the casino website and click on it to start playing.

When you place the bets, the croupier will start the wheel. The wheel will rotate until it stops at one of the outcomes. Consequently if the wheel stops at the outcome you have chosen, you will win and receive the corresponding payout. However, if the wheel stops at a different outcome, you will lose your bet.

In addition keep playing, increasing your stakes or changing your strategy to increase your chances of winning. Be sure to play responsibly and do not bet more than you can afford to lose.


Crazy Time is a live game that offers players the chance to win big cash prizes by guessing the outcomes of various laps and bonus games.

To play Crazy Time, you need to register on the website of the casino, where this game is available. Then you choose the size of the bet and bet on one or the other outcome.

Yes, you can win real money in Crazy Time if you made the right bet on the right outcome.

As in any game of chance, Crazy Time has no guaranteed strategies that are guaranteed to lead to a win. However, you can use some tactics. Such as managing your bankroll, choosing favorable outcomes, and setting reasonable limits on your bets to maximize your chances of success.

The list of online casinos that offer Crazy Time may vary depending on your location and jurisdiction. But the most famous casinos where this game is available are popular online casinos such as 1win, pin up, vavada and others.